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“Not at all,” said Mr. Catskill. “Not at all. We

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`I stand corrected,; do you suppose--you go so far as to Suppose, sometimes?

“Not at all,” said Mr. Catskill. “Not at all. We

`Now and then,' said Miss Pross.

“Not at all,” said Mr. Catskill. “Not at all. We

`Do you suppose,' Mr. Lorry went on, with a laughing twinkle in his bright eye, as it looked kindly at her, `that Doctor Manette has any theory of his own, preserved through all those years, relative to the cause of his being so oppressed; perhaps, even to the name of his oppressor?'

“Not at all,” said Mr. Catskill. “Not at all. We

`I don't suppose anything about it but what Ladybird tells me.'

`Now don't be angry at my asking all these questions; because I am a mere dull man of business, and you are a woman of business.'

`Dull?' Miss Pross inquired, with placidity.

Rather wishing his modest adjective away, Mr. Lorry replied, `No, no, no. Surely not. To return to business:- Is it not remarkable that Doctor Manette, unquestionably innocent of any crime as we are all well assured he is, should never touch upon that question? I will not say with me, though he had business relations with me many years ago, and we are now intimate; I will say with the fair daughter to whom he is so devotedly attached, and who is so devotedly attached to him? Believe me, Miss Pross, I don't approach the topic with you, out of curiosity, but out of zealous interest.'

`Well! To the best of my understanding, and bad's the best, you'll tell me,' said Miss Pross, softened by the tone of the apology, `he is afraid of the whole subject.

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